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is committed to providing you with excellent anti-aging medical care and top-quality customer service...
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Four Pillars of Health

Dr. Rebecca Crainsmith of CRAINSMITH INSTITUTE works with & educates her patients to balance,

and achieve "Optimal Health" through natural hormones, vitamins & supplements, "Lifestyle Health" & maintenance, and exercise.


Nutrition & Exercise

Dr. Crainsmith stresses nutrition as a "lifestyle". It

is not through fad dieting, or starvation methods. She believes in well-balanced, organic nutrition

that the body can use to help maintain "optimal Health."


Natural Hormones (Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT))

Dr. Crainsmith believes replacing deficiencies of hormones due to the "Aging Gene switch that has

 been turned on" is a must for optimal health and wellness and also to aid in the Prevention of diseases.


Vitamins & Supplements

Dr. Crainsmith recommends physician-grade supplements & vitamins to ensure the billions of chemical reactions one's body is processing each and every second of the day is doing so at an "optimal" level.


Aesthetics & Skin Care

Dr. Crainsmith consults with patients who

wish to restore outward beauty.


I am responsible for my health and well-

being. I will become a knowledgeable advocate for myself in all realms of my life.

I understand that life, healing, and health

are constantly changing requiring me to

 learn and evolve in order to be my own

best advocate.

I will not abdicate this responsibility to any

person or doctor.


My health rests in my hands.

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Dr. C’s Weekly

Dr. Crainsmith's Weekly Thoughts click .Here